Caleb Aviles
Birthday: July 28, 1979
Family: Unkonwn
Facts: Was in the music group Explosion as a teenager. Was part of Menudo La Reunion even though he was not technically in Menudo.

Troy Tuminelli
Birthday: April 8, 1979
Family: Single
Facts: Played Nico Castano on Guiding Light. He runs Troy Curtis Entertainment, a booking agency to the stars. 

Pablo Portillo
Birthday: April 8, 1979
Family: Single
Facts: Was a member of the group Liberacion. Co-star in the novela, Así en el barrio como en el cielo.

Daniel Weider
Birthday: July 25, 1982
Family: Single
Facts: As a child actor did national commercials & European magazine covers. Has his own song publishing company.

Didier Hernandez
Birthday: July 18, 1979
Family: Married with 1 kid
Facts:Before Menudo he sang salsa music with his family. Handles promotions and marketing for big name Latino artists.

Anthony Galindo
Birthday: December 14, 1978
Family: Single with 1 kid
Facts:Was a host on the TV show, Control. He's worked with several ex-Menudo & MDO members on music projects.

Ricky Lopez
Birthday: September 6, 1980
Family: Single
Facts: Only Menudo to later join MDO but left before CD release. Pursued modeling. In 2004, while high & driving, he was in a wreck & spent time in a coma. His physical & mental abilities are limited. 

Abel Talamantez
Birthday: October 16, 1978
Family: Single with 2 kids
Facts: Was a member of Kumbia Kings & Los Super Reyes. CEO of AbelzLabelz, his own record label.

Robert Avellanet
Birthday: June 30, 1975
Family: Remarried with 2 kids
Facts: Created and was a part of the group Euphoria. Splits his time between CA & FL for family & acting gigs. Played the band manager role in the Menudo scandal TV movie, Nada es para Siempre.

Angelo Garcia
Birthday: March 28, 1976
Family: Single
Facts: Owns the rights to You Got Potential. An Internet sensation for posting videos of him singing popular songs.

Ruben Gomez
Birthday: April 25, 1974
Family: Single
Facts: Starred in the movie, A Time to Remember. Reunited with his rock band Kings Harem as lead singer.

Ralphy Rodriguez
Birthday: April 17, 1973
Family: Married with 3 kids
Facts: Joined "The Mickey Mouse Club" but only appeared in the pilot. He combined faith & music to become a music minister.

Roy Rossello
Birthday: May 1, 1970
Family: Remarried with 5 kids
Facts: He sold the old Menudo house to Chayanne in PR. He's owned several businesses in Brazil including a luncheonette. Plans to write an autobiography.

Ray Reyes
Birthday: March 13, 1969
Family: Divorced with 2 kids
Facts: He co-owned a night club with his brother, Raul. He came up with the idea of getting the guys back together & forming El Reencuentro.

Johnny Lozada
Birthday: December 21, 1967
Family: Married with 3 kids
Facts: Nominated for a Grammy® for his album Invitame. He won the dance competition Mira Quién Baila in 2013

Xavier Serbia
Birthday: July 24, 1968
Family: Married
Facts: Co-starred in various plays, soap operas and sitcoms in Mexico. He's written 2 books on managing personal finances. Xavier is a financial commentator on CNN en Espanol which tapes in Georgia.

Rene Farrait
Birthday: November 2, 1967
Family: Divorced with 3 kids
Facts: Hosted the show, Salsa Review. He's been instructing Zumba Master classes along to Menudo songs in FL.

Ricky Melendez
Birthday: November 22, 1968
Family: Married with 2 kids
Facts: Co-starred in the TV show La Pension de Dona Tere. In 1998, his boss told him that if he didn't join El Reencuentro, he'd fire him from the law firm.

Oscar Melendez
Birthday: March 21, 1966
Family: Married with 2 kids
Facts: Retired from the group on his 15th birthday. Managed his brother Ricky's record & memorabilia store. Oscar's an attorney in Puerto Rico.

Fernando Sallaberry
Birthdate: November 25, 1965
Family: Single
Facts: Co-hosted the show "Juventud" from 1983-1984 with Rene. He's been battling ALS
, a neurodegenerative disease for about 20 years.

Carlos Melendez
Birthday: April 10, 1965
Family: In a relationship
Facts: Formed part of the group Xchange & recruited  songs & musicians.
He's a consulting architect.

Nefty Sallaberry
Birthday: March 1, 1964
Family: Single
Facts: He goes by his first name, Oscar. The back cover of Los Fantasmas was how he found out Nefty was his stage name.

32 ex-Menudo and 4 ex-MDO members

Alexis Grullon
Birthday: March 24, 1977
Family: Married with 1 kid
Facts: Wrote songs for various artists and himself. Singer with the cover band, La Linea.

Andy Blazquez
Birthday: September 16, 1977
Family: Unkown
Facts: Former cast member of El Show Mas Estupido de la Television. He's a graphic designer & photographer.

Ashley Ruiz
Birthday: May 28, 1976
Family: Single
He was chosen for Menudo & The Mickey Mouse Club at the same time. Former lead singer of the group Here II Here.

Edward Aguilera
Birthday: December 17, 1976
Family: Unknown
Facts: Pursued a career in surfing. He's a metal work artist.

Jonathan Montenegro
Birthday: May 11, 1978
Family: Divorced with 2 kids
Facts: Began acting in soap operas at the age of 6. He's been in over a dozen TV shows in Venezuela & the US.

Adrian Olivares
Birthday: June 2, 1976
Family: Remarried with 3 kids
Facts: Fronted the band Maremotto. A distinguished sound engineer and music producer for over 15 years.

Cesar Abreu
Birthday: April 10, 1977
Family: Single
Facts: At age 9 was a cast member of Que Angelitos. He's a professional dancer and choreographer.

Rawy Torres
Birthday: August 11, 1975
Family: Married with 2 kids
Facts: Was part of the band XM2 & the reality show Batalla de las Americas. He teaches piano, guitar & voice in Miami.

Sergio Gonzalez
Birthday: February 3, 1972
Family: Remarried
Facts: Formed part of the group Los Ultimos Heroes. Has fronted the rock bands Amnezzya, Top Jimmies, and Atomikus. Uses the stage name, Sergio Blass.

Raymond Acevedo
Birthday: December 21, 1971
Family: Single
Facts: Formed part of the group Menudo: La Reunion. His other artistic abilities include painting and drawing.

Ricky Martin
Birthday: December 24, 1971
Family: In a relationship, has 2 kids
Facts: He's performed on Broadway in Les Miserables & Evita. He spoke at a United Nations conference about human trafficking.

Robby Rosa
Birthday: June 27, 1969
Family: Married with 2 kids
Facts: Owns Phantom Vox, a music publishing company. He has beaten cancer twice.

Charlie Rivera
Birthday: June 13, 1967
Family: Remarried with 2 kids
Facts: Starred in the movies Besame & 12 Horas. He went back to school as an adult & graduated with a
degree in advertising & marketing.

Miguel Cancel
Birthday: June 29, 1968
Family: Divorced with 3 kids
Facts: Pursued a career in cycling. Worked as a member of the SWAT division of the Coral Gables, Florida Police Department.