Love and laughs abound at the meet and greet. A fan teaches Johnny the sign for I love you.

Are you still interested in being on Dancing with the Stars?

(Laughs) You know what, we were interested and the thing is because I did "Mira Quien Baila", I couldn't be on another show like that. That's the policy of the channel and the program itself. There's no way I can do "Dancing with the Stars" anymore because I won "Mira Quien Baila".

That's a good reason, though.

Yeah! It is! (Laughs) I guess.

Had you recently mentioned doing another (solo) album?

Actually no, since I started being on TV and I love it, it's something that I really enjoy right now .I don't think I'm going to be...I was singing with El Reencuentro. I'm not in El Reencuentro anymore so I'd prefer to do other things like [hosting], it's more relaxing. It gives me time to be home.  Where am I right now, in Boston?


Oh well, good. That's okay right now.

Do you have a house full of teenagers right now?

I've got a 22 [year old], Thalia's 22. Natalia is 20 and Jahn Gabriel is 18. Can you believe it? It's kind of hard, let me tell you. Everyone's already in university and it's something else, let's put it that way.

What happens when you become an empty nester?

I've got no idea. Right now that's not happening. Everybody's at home. Only Jahn Gabriel is out [of the house] at school in Orlando. The girls are at home. I don't know, maybe when I get my empty nest I'll just go with my wife and fly and have some fun. Do whatever we can't do now.

Do you still have any copies left of your calendar?

Nooooo. (Laughs) I wish! I wish!

Can you name every member of Menudo in order?

(Looks at me like I'm crazy) No. No. That's for sure. The first ones were Ricky, Oscar, Nefty, Fernando and Carlos. Then became another Menudo which was Ricky, Rene, Carlos, Oscar... 

You don't have to name every incarnation of the group.

Yeah, no but I can't. (Laughs)

I can.

Of course you can

That's my job.

What television show would you like to make an appearance on?

You know, it's funny you ask. I've always wanted to be on "Sesame Street". Actually I know all the characters already, they were on "Despierta America". (Shows me a photo of himself with Kermit the Frog)

What's your favorite tourist attraction in Miami?

I just like to go to the Everglades to see alligators and things like that.

Do you have a crazy story from when you were in Menudo?

The crazy thing is that I'm still in the business. That's a crazy story, don't you think? (Laughs)

Years ago when there was an El Reencuentro show in Los Angeles,  did you  know that while you were humping the floor, a woman yelled, I think I'm pregnant?!

No, but that's nice to know. (Laughs)

Do you ever catch yourself singing the old songs?

Yeah, yeah, in the bathroom, especially.

Like the ones about picnics ...?

No, no, no, no, no. not those ones. (Laughs)

The fans have been talking and we would love to see a reunion concert for the 40th anniversary of Menudo.  If someone put it together, would you take part?

I've got no idea. It all depends. You never know. Right now I'm doing some other things.

Do you still have any of your old Menudo outfits?

Oh, yes I do.

Did anyone ever question what Joselo picked out?

(Laughs) We always questioned him. (Laughs) But I do have them.


"He's a hard worker," said the photographer I was chatting with at Johnny Lozada's

recent meet and greet at the Cox Solutions Store in Providence, Rhode Island. The man had only seen Johnny in action for just over an hour and had already picked up on why Johnny has always been successful.

After leaving Menudo in 1984, Johnny released two solo albums, Invitame in Spanish and Johnny in Brazilian Portuguese. Invitame garnered him a Grammy nomination in 1985 for Best Latin Pop Album and put him up against Menudo's record, Evolucion The winner was Placido Domingo. The following year he teamed up with singer Tatiana and Johns Hopkins University for two songs and videos about abstinence. His music career continued with Proyecto M, reuniting him with fellow ex-Menudo alum, Xavier Serbia, Rene Farrait, and later Ray Reyes who replaced Xavier. With Proyecto M, Johnny released four albums.

His acting career also resurged during the 1990's by taking part in multiple soap operas, and hosting a movie of the week style show, "De Pelicula". El Reencuentro, the reunion of six former Menudo members, was a surprising success, given that the guys only planned on having one concert in 1998. That one show turned into seventeen years of on and off touring before the group broke up in 2015  His celebrity status continued with the character Johnny Trinidad on the telenovela, "Amigas y Rivales" and he has a solo on the soundtrack. He even took a spot on "Big Brother VIP 3" (Mexico). He had supporting roles in the movies" I Love Miami" and "Manuela & Manuel". Let us not forget he won the dance competition, "Mira Quien Baila", in 2013. And now as we all know, Johnny is a host on Univision's morning show, "¬°Despierta Am√©rica!". Yes, Johnny Lozada is indeed a hard worker and this list doesn't cover everything he's accomplished.

A kiss on the cheek was quite popular with the ladies..

After the autograph session ended, I was able to sit down and interview Johnny. Sometimes it was more like a conversation between old friends catching up with plenty of laughs between the two of us.

Cool dudes came to see Johnny, too.

Some gentlemen prefer handshakes.

Gotta love that smile and laugh.

Johnny even did quick video chats for fans who couldn't make it. #SmartFriends