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*Anthony and La Linea Band perform every Thursday at Blue Martini Lounge located at 900 S Miami Ave #250, Miami, FL 33130. Shows start at 8pm.

MDO - Greatest Hits, 2002

The Rhythm Rehab - Rebirth, 2011

Proyecto Uno - El Party, 2010

PapiJoe - Pro, Pro, Pro, 2011

MDO - MDO, 1997

Currently performing around the greater Miami area with English/Spanish cover band La Linea Band, Anthony keeps busy these days but has sneaked in some modeling gigs, song writing, photography lessons, and whatever else fulfills his creative needs.

I spoke with Anthony and two of his bandmates in between sets at Blue Martini Lounge.*

When did you join La Linea Band?

Anthony: I joined La Linea Band five years ago.

Franklin: I've been with the band for three and a half years now.

 Yai: One year ago.

Franklin: She's the baby.

How did you find the group?

Anthony:  I found the group by auditions and I went to auditions and they got me in right away.

Who decides what cover songs you perform?

Anthony: The boss which is Diego, and his wife, too. They're the owners of the band. They've been doing this for like seven years. They're really proud of what they do.

What's the schedule like for the Band?

Anthony: The schedule for the band is really tight. We practice twice a week and we work four or five times a week. Fridays we usually do private events. [There are multiple versions of La Linea Band that perform at various  Blue Martini Lounges and at Clevelander South Beach]

What's your favorite song or style to perform?

Franklin: I don't have a favorite song right now, actually, because there's so much to learn every day. Mostly I like to perform pop. I like to dance.

The interview then switched over to focus solely on Anthony. 

Since MDO ended, you've done a lot of different  things. You were on the TV show Control, you've been in Proyecto Uno, you worked with fellow ex-Menudo Ruben Gomez in BlackSheep.

What was BlackSheep all about?

BlackSheep was a little concept that we did when we were in Brazil. Ruben and I were like always the black sheep of our families and  [Menudo] .  We wanted to just  go and make some music. We were together singing for a little while and we had a great time.

Did you record together?

No, we never recorded anything. We just went to have fun in Brazil. I mean we're friends and we were just making music, just having fun. We were living in Brazil, we stayed because we were doing that reunion over there with the other Menudos (Menudo: La Reunion). We stayed there and we made a cover band.

How about your time with Proyecto Uno?

Oh, that was great.Proyecto Uno was after I finished with Kumbia Kings. I was with Kumbia Kings while they were in Mexico. I was there for like 2 years and then I came back to Miami and I ended up with my friend from Proyecto Uno to do more music.

Then you were on TV again, on Descontrol as the DJ?


Then you had your own single Pro, Pro, Pro.

Yeah, available still online (Amazon) and on iTunes. PapiJoe Anthony Galindo. It's still there and we're still working on my solo project.

Then you hooked up with The Rhythm Rehab (co-created by Daniel Rene).

Oh yeah. Wow! I've done so much [stuff] that you're reminding me. Yeah, we did a couple of songs like Policia and Siquitiqui Hot.  Rhythm Rehab helped me produce Pro, Pro, Pro and yeah it was great. I've been here, there, you know. Trying to cook different stuff everywhere.

You've also had a lot of experience modeling, including runway work.

I've done runway work and normal modeling jobs. Nothing big but modeling here and there. I'm prolific, that's why my song says pro, pro, prolifico.Thank[fully] I can write songs, I can produce music, choreography, modeling, you name it.

You were in Mexico teaching dance?

I had a little academy school, where you could learn salsa, merengue, bachata, and hip hop. We had everything in that place. It was so much fun, I miss it. That was in Mexico City, D.F. That's when I was in Kumbia Kings, I did that for three years.

How's your daughter Elizabeth?

My daughter's great. Growing every day, faster and faster. She's 16 now.

And you're...?

I'm old (laughs) and getting better though, like wine. I'm 37.

If you knew then what you know now, would you have still joined Menudo?

Yeah, of course. Menudo is...Menudo has opened a lot of doors for me. I've traveled the world, I know a lot of people, I've learned different cultures,  different languages. I've been able to make bases everywhere. And I'm proud and happy to be a part of that gang. That's a legend right there, that group.  Yeah, I would not change it for [anything] in my life. I had a great experience. I had a great youth, growing up. I learned a lot and that's like my school, like my high school and my college, I guess. It prepared me for for what I've been doing all these years that you've been asking me about.

Would you be willing to share a crazy story from when you were in Menudo?

There's so many. Crazy story... Well the craziest story, like crazy as in wild. I got scared, we all got scared. We were in L.A. or Las Vegas,  I don't remember where we were [leaving] from but I remember it was L.A. to [Las] Vegas or [Las] Vegas to L.A. And the promoter was crazy, he was tipsy, and he wasn't really careful about getting us situated with transportation. So we had two [forms of] transportation. We had his car and a mini-van and we had to get to the show because he messed up. I don't remember what happened. So,  we were rushing, he rushed so hard that I don't remember how it happened, but I remember going down the road. and I remember passing him. And all of a sudden some car just passed him, just tipped him in the back. You know how when you tip in the back, the car just slips?  And he went down the road. Our road manager and our sound engineer were there and one of the  singers was there (inside the car) and the car flipped I remember I was sitting on the right side of the van, in the back, that's my chair.  I'm looking out, and we're passing him, and oh why are we going so fast. The car went off the road, down into the gutter (shoulder). (Anthony motioned his hands to mimic a car flipping over repeatedly) Thank[fully] everyone had their seatbelts.All of a sudden  I see Danny, the sound engineer, just coming out and I see the other guy coming out then I see the other singer come out like, What the hell happened?!  We rushed down and I think the was the craziest experience I've ever had.

You mentioned working on a solo project. Can you talk about that?

Well you know, we always say we're working on solo stuff. It's really  hard you know, nowadays it's a bigger open market out there.  I've been working on my stuff. I'm taking my time. Going slow because I'm not in a rush. Thank[fully] I have this great group that I've been singing with for five years. I'm not in a rush. I want to please the people and please myself, I want to be satisfied  with what I can do

Is there anything else you'd like to add, a message for the fans?

To anybody who is reading this right now, I want to wish you the best, good vibes, blessings, and the most important thing, thank you for all your support all these years. Thank you for always being there. I read all the comments that you guys leave. It's a blessing to always have you around.

MDO - Un Poco Mas, 1999

MDO - Acustico, 2003

Anthony's Discography

Menudo - Tiempo de Amar, 1996

Anthony "PapiJoe" Galindo was one of the last guys to join Menudo before the group's name changed to MDO and age restrictions were lifted. He made his musical debut on the album Tiempo de Amar, singing lead on Una Limosna and Mas y Mas. His ability to rap came into play on the premier MDO record on the song Hablame de Amor (Daniel Rene on lead) and an updated version of Subete a Mi Moto. Anthony's also noted as one of the best dancers in Menudo's history.