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Ray Reyes, Rene Farrait, and Charlie Masso have all quit Menudomania Forever.

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Fans from across the globe can come here to jog their memories and keep up with with all 32 ex-Menudos, as well as the 4 members of MDO. Remember the best times of our lives filled with music, laughter, smiles, singing, and dancing because there is no cure for Menuditis!

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Charity Auction

Roy Rossello is writing an autobiography.

Hurricane Maria has knocked out power to all 3.4 million Puerto Rico residents. Please bid on the auctions below & help fund the American Red Cross.

Rawy Torres sings every Friday night at Wine Market Place, 8385 SW 40th Street, Miami, FL. Call first to confirm. (786) 631-3896   .

Menudo Online & it's predecessor, Los Chicos de Menudo Fan Club, have always been happy to raise funds for charities. On September 13th, autographed items & other pieces of memorabilia were listed on eBay as a fundraiser for The American Red Cross. Money will assist victims of Hurricane Irma, which tore through Florida and Puerto Rico, as well as those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

As you know, Puerto Rico is where Menudo began. Florida was the group's second home. Many former members of Menudo and their families currently live in Puerto Rico and/or Florida. And Texas fans have always been good to the boys.

By clicking on the images to the right, you'll be taken directly to the auction listing for that item or set of items. Auctions are set up so that profits will go directly to the American Red Cross. Please bid high and often. Share links. Tell your friends. It's all for charity & you'll get something to cherish.

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